I'm a big Peppa Pig fan. if you don't know what Peppa Pig is, it's a cheery show about a pig named Peppa and her family going on adventures. It was a HUGE success and airs on Nick Jr. and Channel 5. I'm a fan of the show.

However, I saw an unreleased series of episodes of the show that made me almost quit the show entirely.

One day, I was surfing the Internet in about 2015, when I saw a file called: Peppa_pig_unreleased_episodes.zip

Curious, I downloaded the file. Oh boy, did I regret it.

I extracted the files to a new folder, and I opened the folder. There were five episodes: George's Apartment, Goodbye Suzy, Blood Shower, The Trunk, and Rebecca's Distress.

From the names, I knew there was something wrong with these episodes. But anyway, I loaded George's Apartment first.

It started out with George, Richard and Edmond (the small animals) dragging Peppa, Suzy, Rebecca and Emily into an apartment. The girls did not look happy: they had blank expressions. But 8 seconds later, things started getting bonkers. The three children began kidnapping the four girls: handcuffing and gagging them.

The screenshot I took of George's Apartment

After the girls were handcuffed and gagged, I saw Peppa's writhing, nude body: something I didn't wanna see in a show aimed for children. This was definitely not right, I thought to myself.

"What happened to this one?" George asked. "You didn't drug her?" So George, Richard and Edmond had drugged the girls all this time? I also noticed how deep and uncute George's voice was. This was twisted and not for kids.

"She probably didn't finish drinking." Richard said. His voice was deep and creepy too. I was starting to get worried.

"Hold on...you want first choice, Richard?" George asked in his creepy voice. Richard chose Peppa.

Richard then began RAPING Peppa! Yes, you read that right: RAPING. Peppa's muffled screams were so realistic, it made my heart pound. I wanted to close the video, delete the files, and forget about this, but I had to see what happened next.

After Richard was done raping Peppa, Edmond said "Who's next?" in a deep voice. George wanted a go this time, and gained Edmond's trust.

George decided to rape Suzy next. Suzy was unconcious: it was a dead fish rape. I tried not to bite my lip as I watched George rape the unconcious sheep.

The episode then ended after that. I sat there, horrified at what I'd just watched. Did George, Richard and Edmond just commit rape? Wasn't this a kids show? But I wanted to see what happened next. I loaded Goodbye Suzy next.

It showed Suzy, looking down a rooftop. The ground below her was shown. She jumped off, and began falling. Many clips of George's Apartment where she got raped were shown, they each turned negative for a fraction of a second before cutting back to her fall.

After about 12 seconds of this...I'm trying not to cry as I type this...Suzy hit the ground. Her head cracked open, and blood poured out.

Suzy dead.

Liking Suzy, I was very horrified and traumatized from this. Why would Channel 5 let something like this air? It was gory and scary. I did not like this at all.

After that freaking horrifying scene, it cut to Peppa, Rebecca and Emily at Suzy's grave. They were silently crying. The episode then ended.

I rushed over to the bathroom and threw up. I was disgusted by what I was seeing. I, however, was able to muster the courage to load Blood Shower.

Blood Shower was nothing special: it was just Peppa taking a shower, but she was cleaning up blood from her body that went down the drain. I also saw her knockers briefly. I wondered why it was made: possibly for shock value. I then loaded The Trunk.

The episode started off innocent. Peppa told her friends she needed to get something from the trunk of a car. However, when Peppa opened the trunk, she began screaming. Rebecca and Emily rushed over to see what the big deal was. What was in there was freaking HORRIFYING...

Remember Chloe? Peppa's cousin? Her corpse was in the car, and she had a knife pierced through her stomach. After Rebecca removed a grey device thingy from her mouth, it was revealed there was blood dripping out of her mouth.

Chloe's dead body in the trunk

The episode abruptbly ended after that. Loving Chloe, I was scared for life at this point. I loaded the final episode, Rebecca's Distress.

It started with Rebecca strapped to a metal table. She was screaming in agony. George then began running a knife down her stomach. I felt the urge to throw up again.

George asked Rebecca if she understood the process of making angora. "NO!!!!" Rebecca screamed. It sounded very realistic and my heart was pounding again.

"To be continued..." George declared, and walked off.

Rebecca began crying hysterically. It sounded so realistic, as if the voice actor was being tortured. Also, instead of shower tears like usual, tears were running down her face.

Rebecca crying

After a 1 hour later timecard, it cut to Rebecca walking back into a cage with Peppa and Emily. "They skinned me." she said. She then cried into Peppa and Emily's shoulders for a minute.

The episode ended: and text appeared on the screen. It said: "Sorry, but Peppa, Emily and Rebecca are locked up, Suzy and Chloe are dead, George, Richard and Edmond are still raping, killing and skinning people, and it's unknown what happened to the other characters. That means no more fun adventures, and sadly no more Peppa Pig. Thank you for watching this miniseries, and goodbye." The episode then ended.

I tried to process what I just watched. I couldn't. I was finally able to piece it together after 2 minutes:

George is a rapist, a killer, and a lunatic. He raped, murdered, and skinned everyone he once loved, and I'm sure he's still on the loose. Suzy became suicidal because of the rape. Peppa was covered in blood because she'd attempted suicide, like Suzy. George murdered Chloe, and left her in the trunk of a car. Finally, Rebecca was skinned, and she and her friends are left to starve and eventually die in a cage.

I began crying. Why would Channel 5 do this? To Suzy? To Chloe? However, not all hope was lost. I realized I could contact Channel 5. So I did. Here's the response I got from the manager:

"One thing, how in the heck did the person on the web find that and upload it on the web? I never, ever, EVER, thought I would think about that old shame again. The lunatic who made the 5-part episode sent it to us in hopes of it becoming official, we watched it, and rejected it. Then, an executive must've found it and uploaded it to the web. I'm so sorry, I'm so deeply sorry. -Best wishes, manager of Channel 5 and everyone involved with the miniseries."

I still watch Peppa Pig, but I can't look at George without thinking of that cursed miniseries. Two questions remain: who made these, and why would he?