I...I don't know how to describe the bloody terror I found. I'll just start by informing you about "Peppa Pig".

Peppa Pig is about a pig named Peppa, her brother George, and their parents. They go on really fun adventures. It was such a cute, fun show. I used to watch the show. But now I don't, and I won't. Not even the parodies on the web.

Because, there was an early version of the movie. And it wasn't about her boots. Instead, it was about some of the most terrifying subjects ever. Possibly the goriest thing to ever be in a kid's show.

I was at my local dime store, looking for Peppa Pig DVDs. The shelves had DVDs of the show that I'd already watched, except for one.

The one I found was labeled "Peppa Pig: The Movie". It looked fine...or so I thought.

After purchasing it, I looked inside the DVD case. A disk was there. Bingo! I'd found a new DVD of Peppa Pig.

I inserted the DVD into my DVD player. There were no promos: instead, there was just a white screen with text that said Play.

I pressed Play, and the movie started. It was interesting. The characters were acting like themselves, and George could speak full sentences. It felt like a very special edition of an episode. I realized that this DVD said "2004 - Channel 5" on it, so that added to my nostalgia. It was just like the original show, before all the brattiness was added to everyone's character. I always enjoyed the first season, because I think the rest the channel spawned was mean-spirited and bratty.

However, once the kids walked into Peppa's room, crap hit the fan. George began attacking the girls, tying and gagging them. I gasped in surprise. I could hear the girls shouting things like "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!" and "OH MY GOD!!". I don't remember any of this happening in Peppa Pig!

After a short black screen, it cut to shots of the girls. Peppa was nude, squirming and crying, Rebecca and Candy were tied up to tables and gagged, and Suzy was on the ground unconcious, handcuffed and gagged. "What the hell is going on?" I thought to myself.

Rebecca and Candy tied to the tables

I saw George with two piggies with red and green shirts. George asked why the red-shirt piggy didn't drug Peppa. The red-shirt piggy replied that she must've not finished her drink. So, George and the two other piggies drugged the girls?! There was definitely issues with this episode.

I saw the red-shirt piggy take his shirt off. Then, the piggy began RAPING Peppa! Yes, you read that right - RAPING. And her muffled screams...oh God, they were actually tooken from a real pig screaming. It made my bones chill and my stomach knot up.

After a while, the piggy finished raping Peppa. The green-shirt piggy asked: "Who's next?" George chose Suzy.

George began raping the unconcious sheep, and I was terrified. It went on for like a minute, then the scene ended (Thank God!).

It then cut to Suzy standing ontop of a building. She looked down, and a shot of the ground below her was shown. I saw fractions of the rape scene as she jumped off and fell to her demise.

Then...Suzy hit the ground. Her head cracked open, and blood was pouring out. It looked real, as if an actual sheep had cracked it's head.

Suzy dead

I literally vomited all over my floor when I saw that. It was freaking HORRIFYING. My theory is that the people at Channel 5 killed Suzy and replaced her with a bossy brat.

I sighed sadly, and continued watching. It cut to Peppa, Rebecca, and Emily going to jump in a muddy puddle. However, I then saw Peppa screaming, Rebecca with her hands over her mouth, and Emily shocked. I didn't see what was in the puddle yet. When it cut to what it was, it was freaking horrifying...

It was Zoe Zebra, with a knife pierced through her stomach, and blood dripping out of her mouth. My heart pounded, and I felt like screaming. Someone must have murdered her and put the corpse on the puddle. I rushed to my bathroom and threw up again.

Zoe dead in the puddle.