This is the deleted journal of Maya Jade, who was a big Peppa Pig fan before it became a trend: in the year 2006. She doesn't like to download or torrent anything, especially not after the experience she had...

October 11th, 2006

Hello! I'm Maya Jade. I've recently recieved a mysterious Peppa Pig DVD from a friend. I haven't found a Windows 2003 Server installation disk yet, so I can't access her server where we share .iso files of strange disks we find.

Anyway, I was sitting at my couch watching Peppa Pig, because I'm a big fan of the show (except for Richard, who's even more annoying than George), then my friend visited and gave me the DVD case. The label read: 'PEPPA FUNPACK' in black Sharpie. I opened the case, and there were three disks. I decided to pop in the first one for today.

I booted my Windows 95 computer. It was very old, and like I said, I couldn't find Windows 2003 Server, so it was the only one I could use for now. Anyway, after booting the computer, I inserted the first disk. It was labeled exactly how I thought it would: 'Pfp0001'. I clicked on the drive to see inside. There were two .bmp files: george.bmp, and richard_rabbit.bmp. I decided to load 'george' first, because I like my things in order.

I apologize for the poor quality: I haven't activated my new display driver quite yet. Anyway, the picture showed a picture of George. The colors were inverted, and some type of black goo was dripping from his eyes. I found it quite creepy, but I could handle it. I loaded the Richard BMP next, and the same thing happened to him.

I swear, to anyone reading this, that I will insert the second disk tomorrow and figure out the backstory to this 'funpack', whatever it's supposed to be. Hasta la vista!

October 12th, 2006

Hello! Today's my birthday, and I got a Windows XP Tablet 2005 laptop. I booted up, and personalized it with a theme and wallpaper. I also realized that I needed to put the second disk in...and inserting it was definitely a bad decision.

The second disk, 'Pfp02', contained three .EXE files and 'george.mp4'. I loaded up the first EXE. It was a game! I was playing as Peppa, and there was this creepy music playing backwards, but I ignored it. I walked through this field, and there were dead mouses and birds everywhere. I kept walking until I saw George. Peppa walked up to him, and he opened his eyes, revealing they were black with red pupils. Then it faded to black.

I thought: 'what on earth?!', but kept playing because of my curiosity.

Anyway, Peppa was now in what I assumed was Hell. There was fire everywhere, and the ground was red. Peppa walked, until George appeared. Peppa stopped, and then George lunged at her quickly, then my screen faded to black. A LOUD scream came out of my speakers! I fell out of my chair, but luckily I was OK. I have a recording of the scream, but I won't put it here to spare your eardrums.

Then my Media Player opened and george.mp4 opened. (yes, I have an MP4 codec on this). It showed a picture of George. He had those black and red eyes, and his shirt was stained with blood. He was holding Mr. Dinosaur, who had it's tail ripped off. The text above it said: "I enjoy suffering, toy or living being... Wanna be next in my line of torture?" There was also audio of a high-pitched but beautiful singer who was singing S.O.S by Rihanna. Wouldn't that infringe copyright?

I have the video below...

(Unfortunately, the archiver can not put the video, since they are not a supporter.)

I'll play the rest tomorrow. I've seen enough today.

October 13th, 2006

Today, I decided to continue Disk 2, before I move on to Disk 3. I loaded the second .EXE. It was another game, with Suzy as my character. The only thing I had to to was walk...until demonic George appeared again. I knew what would happen. "Please, no scream, PLEASE!" I thought to myself. Unfortunately, there was another scream. I fell out of my chair again.

I loaded the third .EXE, and this time, I was playing as Rebecca. I walked down the stairs for what seemed like an eternity, and that dang satanic George popped up again, and my computer shut off by itself. Luckily, it turned back on. I'll insert disk 3 tomorrow and see what comes up.

October 14th, 2006

Today, I inserted Disk 3 into my laptop. There were three folders: E1, E2, AND E3. I assume they were just prototypes of episodes, but anyway, I watched the first one.

The titlecard was, 'The Party'. But Peppa didn't narrate: I guess it's because she got killed by George during Disk 2. Anyway, the episode didn't show any signs of satanic George crap polluting my laptop screen. It showed Zoe Zebra, Candy Cat, Emily Elephant and Chloe Pig at a party.

Candy and Chloe were on the screen, having a conversation. I heard Chloe say: "Do you think that Zoe has a thing for Pedro?" Dating in a kid's show? I didn't think of that more as a parental bonus.

It cut to Zoe and Emily sitting on a couch. Emily said: "Why would anyone talk 'bout you behind your back?" Her voice sounded grown-up and uncute. Then George and Richard entered the party, and suprisingly, they weren't demonic.

The four children and the toddlers had a long discussion about what I assume is stereotyping and flirting. I didn't pay much attention: it was boring in my opinion.

Then, George and Richard invited the four to an after-party. They accepted, and they went to the party. Emily was worried, but Chloe told her: "Nothing's gonna happen. We're just going to an after-party."

They entered the room, then the video was a black screen for about a minute. When it came back, Zoe, Chloe, Candy and Emily were all strapped to beds and chairs, their mouths duct-taped. I was starting to get worried.

I then saw George and Richard, and they were demonic. Again. They started stabbing Zoe in the stomach. Zoe was crying for help, muffled by the duct tape. They did to Chloe what they did to Zoe next.

I then saw them both using sharp razors on Candy and Emily. It was so graphic! I couldn't watch anymore! I tried pausing the God-forsaken video, but it wouldn't pause. I tried closing the Media Player, but it didn't work either. I opened Task Manager and tried ending Media Player...still, nothing.

I then realized I could shutdown the computer. I opened the shutdown menu, and seletced Shutdown, but it wouldn't let me.

There I was, stuck having to watch my favorite characters violently tortured. Traumatizing.

The screen faded to black, and the video ended. I could finally close the program. Thank God!

I'll watch video 2 tomorrow and see what happens. It better not be anymore violent George videos.

October 15th, 2006

I loaded video number two, and I hoped demonic George wouldn't be involved. The episode was called: 'Goodnight, Emily'.

It opened with Zoe, Chloe, Candy and Emily standing on the school roof, which looked different. It was a square rooftop instead of a simple triangle roof.

Emily was arguing with the other girls, saying she needed some alone time. I didn't know what she was going to do, but I kept watching. After a long, boring argument, I saw Emily, looking down the school rooftop, onto the street. What was she doing? Then...

...she jumped off. I was then subject to the most horrifying image. It was Emily, dead on the street, with a splatter of realistic blood. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! The sick, demented person who made this killed her off! WHY WOULD THIS APPEAL TO KIDS?!

After that horrifying sequence, I then saw Chloe, Zoe and Candy standing at Emily's grave. They were silently sobbing. "Goodnight, Emily..." Chloe sobbed, putting flowers on her grave.

George appeared and said, "Just you wait, there's more..." He then took a gun, and shot the grave. The three girls ran away in fear, and I heard a deep-pitched version of George's laughter. I'll gather the power in my stomach to finish this godforsaken funpack tomorrow...

October 16th, 2006

Today is the day I'm finally done with this demonic 'funpack'. More like a nightmare pack. Anyway, upon loading the final video, I was greeted with the title card: 'C@NDY'

It started with Candy, Zoe and Pedro watching as Candy was tooken by George and Richard. Candy didn't say a word as they took her away. I was quite worried: are they gonna kill her?

Then, it cut to Richard and Candy. Richard was holding...some sort of sharp tool, and rubbing it against Candy's stomach. Candy had genuine terrified eyes and was breathing heavily: something I'd never seen in the show before.

Then, Richard asked Candy if she knew about the process of skinning cat fur to make luxury items. Candy screamed "NO!" Then Richard said: "To be continued..." and walked away.

Tears started running down Candy's face, and she was screaming in agony. The sound. Oh dear lord, her screaming. It sounded like she's actually being tortured. I still shudder to think what they did to her voice actor behind the scenes.

It then cut to Zoe and Pedro. Chloe was sitting far from them, and then Zoe promised to Pedro that they'd 'kill those little hellspawns'. Then, the two reached in for a kiss. Being a shipper of Zoe and Pedro, I was excited to see them kiss...but just as they did, a crude photo of demonic George popped up with a LOUD bellow, thus giving me an unnecessary scare.

I then saw George and Daddy Pig. Daddy Pig asked George why he was doing this to his friends. George didn't stop staring at him with those evil black-and-red eyes. "Die." he said.

It cut to George and Richard bringing Candy back. Candy looked horrible. She had scars on her face, and her foot was cut off. It looked realistic, and I threw up in my mouth.

Chloe asked if Candy was dying, and she just shook her head. Then, Candy started sobbing into Chloe's shoulder for an entire minute. Afterwards, she looked at the camera and said:

"I'm sorry you had to witness this...Destroy this DVD case and save us..."

The video ended. I took the DVD out and put it back in the case. I then went to my garage, got a hammer, and smashed the DVD case. Paper cutouts of demonic George and Richard popped out of it, and I ripped them to shreds. I threw the destroyed DVD case and the cutout pieces in the trash. I'm going to contact Channel 5 about this tomorrow.

October 17th, 2006

Here's the message Channel 5 sent back after I contacted them. Looks I'm not the only one who knew about this demonic collection of media...

"Thank you for contacting us about the DVD case your friend uncovered. One thing, how on earth did they find out about that!? We never, EVER, thought we would go through this again. Basically, the person who made Peppa Funpack was going to work on the second season. We fired her for having this as promotional material for the season. We are sorry Maya, that you were SERIOUSLY upset about the funpack. We never did put in any murder stuff or the videos or the BMPs or any scary stuff like that. The person we fired drew and animated it and put it all in. Then she hid it in the dumpster your friend found it in. Oh, and about the .BMPS of creepy George and Richard, WE DO NOT KNOW WHY THEY ARE THERE. WE DID NOT. Sorry Maya from the bottom of our hearts for your concern. We didn't even know why anyone could make our show as demented and nightmarish as this. -Channel 5 AKA the company involved with Peppa Funpack.

I hope that Channel 5 does not let anymore demented stuff like this be pubically released. Bye!


Maya Jade has now gotten over this experience, and will not touch any suspicious files if she finds any. She never watched Peppa Pig again after this: it was forever ruined for her. She deleted her blog a year after the first post. This is online for archive purposes. If anyone else has encountered any screenshots from these DVDs, please let us know. Thanks!